Dear Commanding Officer:

We sell refurbished TASER® weapons at the guaranteed lowest price. In fact, no other company we know of does the same. Hundreds of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs appreciate our fast service, best prices and highest quality. We are happy to provide you with references upon request. All of our TASER® weapons are completely refurbished to the highest standard and carry a full year warranty complete with battery, holster, cartridge and free shipping.

The TASER X26 aka X26E is extremely durable and rugged, features very powerful advanced technology, and your price is less than half the price of new. The original law enforcement model is the most compact, patrol officer proven, less than lethal weapon, and it is by far the most widely deployed and time-tested TASER model in use today. Many prefer the smaller size and super reliability, and depend upon it for the ultimate in effectiveness.

Rather than way over $1,000.00 for each of the manufacturer’s new weapons, you pay less than half that price. Refurbished and reconditioned to look and work like new with choice of Battery, Cartridge, and Duty Holster, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, 90 Day Replacement and One Year Repair or Replacement Warranty - even better than new!

Join the thousands of sheriffs, police chiefs and individual officers that are saving big money on our high quality, incredibly priced TASER X26. Call 702-617-3300 for a quotation or to order.

Best regards,

Jeffrey R. Wenger, President and CEO

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