TASER X26 with Blackhawk Holster on Duty Belt Yellow TASER X2 with Blachawk and Blade-Tech Holsters TASER M26 with Blade-Tech Holsters

TASER® X2 For Sale - at Guaranteed Lowest Price

TASER® X2 priced at $899.00, $599.00 and as low as $499.00 with PPM Battery, 15 or 25 Foot Cartridges, and Blackhawk!™ Holster!

Used TASER X26

Item# 44001 - Lowest Priced TASER®
Only: $399.95

The original law enforcement TASER® M26 is very formidable with 8 Duracell™ AA batteries, cartridge, tactical nylon holster, one year warranty and free Priority Mail 2-DAY™ shipping included.

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Used TASER M26

Item# 26051 - Compare at $1,199.99
Only $599.00

Thousands of sheriffs and police chiefs and officers swear by their substantial savings on our superb professionally refurbished most popular and proven effective TASER® X26 law enforcement weapon.

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Item# 22003 - Compare at $1,399.99
Only $899.00

Refurbished "like new" the TASER® X2 with PPM battery, two 25 Foot Cartridges and Blackhawk!™ Holster with one year warranty* is priced at only $899.00 - with discounts as low as $499.00!

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TASER 26 and TASER X26


The TASER® X2 at $899.00 - or $599.00 without Display - or even $499.00!

This is the guaranteed lowest price on the TASER X2. All of our TASER® weapons are refurbished to look like new and work when you need it. Unless otherwise noted, they carry a full One-Year Warranty complete with new PPM battery, Blackhawk!™ or Blade-Tech™ duty holster, two 15 or 25 Foot law enforcement cartridges, no sales tax in most areas. Ships via Priority Mail® or FedEx®. Compare the $1,399.00 suggested retail price to our regular low price of $899.00 and our $599.00 price for the TASER X2 without display, and further discounted price of only $499.00. That is a total discount of $900.00!

Our TASER® Weapons are refurbished or reconditioned to look like new and are thoroughly tested to ensure they will work when needed. They are 100% guaranteed to work when you receive them. Unless otherwise noted, there is a One-Year Comprehensive Warranty on our refurbished TASER Weapons. *TASER® X2 and TASER® X26P CID displays are warrantied for 90 days. The TASER® X26 comes a new DPM Digital Power magazine with the latest software and is refurbished to look like new, and it's guaranteed to always work when you need it!

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Hundreds of police chiefs, sheriffs, judges and commanders rely on us to supply their local, county and federal law enforcement agencies, corrections facilities, court rooms and institutions. Thousands of individual law enforcement officers, deputies, constables, peace officers, marshalls, rangers, first responders, licensed security officers, and other law enforcement professionals rely on us for TASER® sales and service. Officers of the court, fugitive recovery agents and bounty hunters also depend on us for all of their TASER® equipment needs.

Law enforcement in all 50 states can purchase from us, but we do not sell outside the USA or to U.S. territories. Civilians with proper ID can also purchase from us unless they reside in HI, NY or RI. We require either professional LE ID#, or civilian DOB, DL# and last four of SS# to identify and verify every order. We collect this identification information to facilitate the anti-felon background check and to negate any intent or likelihood that our products would be used unlawfully.

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