TASER X2 Electronic Weapon

TASER® X2 for Only $499.00!

Today is and we have a limited number of Professional TASER X2 for only $499.00! This is not a misprint!

Price Includes New PPM Performance Power Magazine Battery, 25 Foot Cartridges, Blade-Tech™ Holster and One Year Warranty!

Electronic Weapon Refurbished TASER X2

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Black Refurbished X2: $499.00

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Yellow Refurbished X2: $499.00

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Professionally Refurbished, they are in truly Excellent Condition with both Laser Sights, LED Flashlight, new PPM Battery, new 25 Cartridges and new Left or Right Hand Blade-Tech™ Holster. Sometimes during refurbishing we get a unit with a minor defect that will save you hundreds. They look like new and work like new with one exception. Everything works except the display. The primary function of the display is to tell you what type of cartridges are installed. Instead of saying "25" "25", in this case you already know that you are getting 25 Foot Cartridges. The other thing the display would show is an hour glass symbol representing the battery. Over the months and years it would go down to show the battery level. The original Law Enforcement TASER M26 never had a display. You simply did a weekly spark test, and replaced the battery when the spark gets low. Unlike the M26, in this case it wil be many years before you will need to do so. The PPM Battery will last at least 3 or 4 years before you will need to replace it. Even with weekly spark tests the battery lasts at least 3 years. It comes with a Full One Year Warranty.

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